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Introducing Copilot
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Genius results,
foolproof setup.

Point it at your help docs and website.


Add actions, workflows, and product tours.


Embed Copilot in your product.

Train Copilot on all
your best words

Help center, marketing site, changelog, APIs. Copilot will know more about your product than you do.

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No one likes a know-it-all

Copilot only answers questions based on your content. And when it doesn't know something it defaults to an experience you control – like starting a support chat.

Talk is cheap.
Actions are better.

Unleash your users with their own personalizedassistant that can take actions on their behalf.

Product Tours




Product tourAnswerActionWorkflow
Feel the CommandBar difference

No credit card required.
Up to 100 MAUs is free.

Copilot drinks your koolaid

Everything you need for an experience that looks and sounds like you.

Set the tone

Serious, witty, or irreverent – your call.

Set the tone

First impressions matter

Custom welcome messages and suggested questions.

First impressions matter

Wears the team jersey

Custom avatars, brand colors, and more.

Custom border radiusCustom color
Custom avatarCustom chat avatar
The right amount of control

Our AI is really good at personalizing answers within constraints you set.

Custom Answers

Create custom answers for tricky or important questions. Copilot will prioritize these (but can still reword them).

Custom Answers

One question.
Asked a million ways.

Copilot is automatically trained to recognize variations of the same question. I know, right?

Never a deadend.

Add a call to action to each answer to guide next steps.

Never a deadend.
AI Assistant, meet Human Assistant

A smooth handoff for when copilot doesn't have an answer.

AI chat summaries

Copilot shares an AI-generated summary with your support team so users never have to repeat themselves.

AI chat summaries

Works with your chat

Connect your existing provider to give users a seamless transition between in-app help and live chat.

Works with your chat
Behold the assistance

Delicious dashboards packed with insight and ready out-of-the-box.


Replay chats

Easily review past chats for quality.

Replay chats

Measure impact

AI ticket deflection is here.

Measure impact

Filter by user feedback

Quickly spot interesting chats.

Filter by user feedback
Feel the CommandBar difference

Improve product onboarding, conversion, and retention

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SOC 2 Type II
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