3 minute read · Published October 6, 2022

Announcing CommandBar for WordPress

Latest Update May 28, 2024

CommandBar now serves over 7 million end users, embedded in some of the world's most well-used and loved applications, like Netlify, Gusto, and Shortcut.

The goal of CommandBar is to make software easier and faster to use. Today we do this by allowing product teams to embed a configurable widget into their UI that provides onboarding and discovery nudges, a delightfully fast universal search bar, and a command palette for executing actions.

We’ve focused on custom-built apps so far, but we’ve started to look at other tools in which we can make UX better. That search led us to today’s announcement: CommandBar for WordPress.

Installable as a plugin, CommandBar for WordPress adds shortcuts and quick actions to the WordPress Admin and Gutenberg editor. We think it’ll power a huge productivity boost for WordPress pros, agencies, and content teams who live in WordPress all day.

With instant search for anything on your WordPress site, like posts, images, or even products and orders, you can make navigating and taking action in WordPress Admin addictively fast.

Pro Shortcuts

It’s not just content, though. All key actions in WordPress Admin, such as creating posts, are just a couple of clicks away. Or, with custom keyboard shortcuts, you can assign a shortcut to any common task, like inserting an image or changing a post’s category.

Contextual Editor Actions

CommandBar for WordPress works within the Gutenberg editor, too. Switch between recently edited items, and launch contextually-relevant actions quickly while editing a page or post.

Why WordPress?

CommandBar for WordPress is our first platform-specific add-on. It was the obvious starting point for us as WordPress powers 43.2% of all websites on the internet in 2022. That means two in every five websites use WordPress, and usage has increased by ~12% each year since 2011.

Or, as Swyx puts it, that's one Shopify every year.

This massive traction means it has to cover many use cases as an application, and with over 60,000 plugins available for the platform, it's hugely extensible. But this flexibility isn’t always without its frustrations. As anyone who has managed their own WordPress site will know, the admin section can soon become extensive and unwieldy. We made CommandBar for WordPress to solve this.

CommandBar for WordPress enables you to empower admins to do anything they can right now, just in a faster and easier way.

Oh, and it's free to use!

Getting Started

To try it out, install the CommandBar for WordPress plugin from the WordPress plugin directory. There's documentation on our knowledge base, and we’re happy to help if you get stuck.

This is the first release of this new plugin, and we're keen to get your feedback. Let us know your thoughts via email, or you can tweet us at @CommandBar.

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