2 minute read · Published April 1, 2024

Introducing Clippilot

Latest Update April 1, 2024

Ever since we started building CommandBar, we've been focused on making software easier (and more enjoyable to use). You might know us as the "pop-ups suck" folks.

Today, we take the next big step towards a world where every app benefits from non-annoying user assistance.

Meet Clippilot.

A lesson from Patrick Collison

Clippilot is a new, friendly companion that sticks by the user side ensuring they're always making the right choice. Copilot (our old AI assistant) was great, but it became a little too permissive. Customers complained that it was "too nice" and "solving too many of our issues." We want to build AI that keeps us on our toes and makes sure we're always alert.

The words of Stripe's CEO "A lot of the most successful companies in the world are distinguished by their appreciation for craft and beauty" resonated with us a lot when working on this. We built Clippilot not because it was something our customers were asking for, but because we sweat the details and believe in a future where the interface infrastructure of the internet is so good that users sit back and sigh and say things like “When did the internet become so beautiful and easy to use."

We know how important familiarity is when it comes to UX (imagine if cockpits on Boeing planes all looked different from each other!). Clip might remind you of a long-lost friend.

So, how does Clippilot work?

Whenever you dismiss a CommandBar nudge, Clippilot will be there to caringly remind you that someone worked hard to get that message across to you, so you'd better rethink your choice next time.

We've seen tremendous results from our beta customers (CTR increased, on average, by 200%) and we CAN'T wait to see what this does to retention!

We're opening up Clip to everyone today, so give your users a reason to love you and sign up here if you want to try it.

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