2 minute read · Published August 9, 2023

Introducing: Magic tour links

Latest Update March 26, 2024


The Before: Pop-up Hell

A huge part of what we do at CommandBar is making user assistance non-annoying. We’ve all experienced pop-up hell on other sites. Random tours springing up and getting in the way of users' flow? Annoying, to say the least.

Introducing Magic Tour Links, a game-changer that lets you link users to in-product tours from anywhere with an attractive branded link. No more intrusions, no more confusion; only precisely targeted tours that users can either opt into or you can send directly to them with their own uniquely recorded tour.

1️⃣ Embed them in empty state text.

When users are first exploring, let them opt into a tour of the place. Like a welcome “Come on in” doormat that can talk.

2️⃣ Create them for sales prospects

“Hey, you know that feature you said you were super excited about: try it here” (now they are back in your product 😉).

3️⃣ Create “Help me” buttons on your most confusing pages that trigger the tour.

Wait, you probably don’t have confusing pages. Ignore this one.

4️⃣ Include them in your drip campaigns and changelog entries.

“Show, don’t tell” — your 6th grade English teacher and me

5️⃣ Create a personalized onboarding experience for your most VIP users.

All users are created equal, except your VIPs. They are created better.

Nudges & Questlists: Your Solution to Onboarding

Beyond Magic Tour Links, CommandBar also offers Nudges & Questlists. These features make your app addictively easy to use by guiding users with multi-step onboarding checklists, feature announcements and help content. With flexible targeting, powerful analytics, and easy customization, Nudges & Questlists provide solutions for various use cases:

  • Guiding users with tailored messages and calls to action
  • Removing friction from onboarding
  • Driving feature adoption with modals and beacons
  • Highlighting essential messages with banners
  • Educating users with popovers for help content or videos

These widgets can be styled to look like a native part of your app, either through our no-code editor or with HTML and CSS. Encourage users to take the right action at the right time with page-based rules, element-visible rules, user metadata, or event triggers. Know the impact of new product experiences with our integrated analytics.

✨ Want to go further? ✨

Users can find and trigger tours via our Spotlight and HelpHub natural language assistants.

Give it a shot here!

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