2 minute read · Published November 15, 2023

Spicing up the SaaS blogosphere with CommandBLOGUE

Latest Update March 28, 2024

“Failure mode here is if this looks like a SaaS blog at first glance,” James briefed our designer Josh after we realized our blog needed a redesign. It looked like every SaaS blog out there.

Minimalist layout? Check. Vector drawings of abstract people in offices? Check. Bold sans-serif fonts in gradients? Check.

Those are the warning signs of a generic SaaS blog, filled with tranquilizing content.

The mediocre design of our content didn’t align with our obsession for outstanding products & writing. Generic content stays on the surface. But it’s deep knowledge of the craft of building that creates great UX and easy-to-use products. That craft ranges from abstract concepts like onboarding and feedback to concrete tactics like dark mode and changelog comms, all of which we’ve covered. Our blog has always been where we share what we know about that craft: lessons learned, tactical product advice, and experiment results.

The CommandBLOGUE started as a joke… that soon became very real.

What began as a redesign triggered a brand-new blog strategy. What if we approached our blog by asking the question — “what do we, product people, want to read?” This is not the standard template for B2B SaaS blogs that are dominated by SEO stuff written more for Google, less for human.

Designing the CommandBLOGUE forced us to produce content worthy of the vessel.

Introducing... CommandBar’s très chic new blog—CommandBLOGUE: a publication for product and UX enthusiasts to unashamedly treat software as art. To bathe in the latest trends and read non-soporific, very tactical advice on building stunning products. High-fashion magazine sass meets SaaS.

CommandBLOGUE example screenshot

That magazine will house tactical content for product people that we hope is good enough for you to consider printing out and reading over the weekend. Some pieces you’ll find there:

  • Expert teardowns of popular products (”is great onboarding objective?”)
  • A glossary of popular product memes so you can keep up with the kids
  • War stories from building a Series A B2B SaaS startup through Covid and through a bull and bear market (with graphs, with axes)

…and more.

We're just getting started and the runway is long.

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