1 minute read · Published February 4, 2022

Welcoming Mathurah Ravigulan

Latest Update November 8, 2023

Why did you decide to join CommandBar?

I’m a huge fan of products with great design, and I love that the core mission of CommandBar is to make web apps easier to use. I’ve always wanted to work at an early-stage startup, and CommandBar is growing really fast — so lucky to get to witness all this.

What are you working on at CommandBar?

A ton of different things — that's the best thing about working at a startup. I helped lead and develop a fun growth marketing website (that will be released soon) and am now working on the roadmap of our demo product. I also contribute to marketing.

What has been your favorite part of working at CommandBar?

It’s awesome how much autonomy there is. I get to make a lot of the core decisions for the projects I work on and have the creative flexibility to run with my ideas! The team is always so open to feedback and fresh perspectives, so I’m glad I get to make such a large impact.

Do you have any pets?

I used to have two hamsters when I was younger! Here are some pictures. Fun fact — my hamster won the Cutest Pet Photo Contest in my neighborhood.

4 pictures of Mathurah's adorable hamsters, including one on a card, one playing with toys, and two of them climbing a cage side-by-side.

What’s your favorite book series?

The Harry Potter series by far! I’ve watched all the movies, read all the books, and have been to Harry Potter World in Universal Studios three times (I pretty much go every five years.)

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