4 minute read · Published May 18, 2024

Binge-worthy reads: the best blogs for B2B SaaS marketers

Latest Update May 22, 2024

There’s a wealth of knowledge out here on the internet, and if you’re a B2B SaaS enthusiast, someone who enjoys roaming through the blogosphere, you’ll find loads of insights and strategies. Perhaps you crave fresh insights. Maybe you want a ready-to-use template. Perhaps you seek a group of fellow SaaS-ers (yes, we just coined a new word). 

But with so many blog options, which ones do you bookmark? We’ve compiled a list of five fantastic (and dare we say, fun) blogs that will not just keep you informed and inspired but might even elicit a chuckle or two from you.


Let’s just say that HubSpot gets B2B SaaS marketers. They've been there, wrestled with lead gen, and crafted killer content strategies themselves. So, their blog is packed with practical, battle-tested tactics to help you win. They appeal to different learning styles ​​offering blog posts, ebooks, templates, courses, videos, and even podcasts. Dig into the "4 mindset habits to adopt before your next launch for a bigger profit" or dive deep into "The 2024 State of Marketing & Trends report” which contains data from over 1400 marketers from across the globe. And if you want more actionable content, templates like “tips for elevating your next go-to-market strategy” can become your go-to resource. 

HubSpot's blog isn't just informative, it's an embodiment of their mission – which is to help millions of organizations grow better. They extend a helping hand to B2B SaaS marketers everywhere, empowering them to achieve sustainable growth, not just for themselves, but also for the organizations they work for.

Content Marketing Institute

Content Marketing Institute (CMI) blog is the go-to destination for anyone who loves making content work, whether for demand generation, brand awareness, or customer acquisition. Their mission – "to advance the practice of content marketing" – is woven into the very fabric of their resources. It’s fair to say that CMI's content helps marketers become master storytellers.

While CMI covers topics for both B2B and B2C audiences, they understand that for B2B SaaS companies, content marketing is a powerful and much-required strategy for driving business objectives. B2B marketers who want to focus on thought leadership, lead generation, or account-based marketing, can find proven frameworks, best practices, and actionable tips. You can make use of advice for content creation and management – like the new study that reveals writing tips for B2B marketers. Or if you wish to gather intel on B2B content marketing trends and benchmarks for 2024 then CMI has just the right report waiting for you. Need a break from reading? No sweat, CMI has got tons of podcasts and webinars too.

CommandBLOGUE from CommandBar

CommandBLOGUE is the place to be if you want a fresh perspective on anything SaaS and don’t mind a tinge (or if we are being honest, lots) of humor. This blog from CommandBar dives deep into the world of product-led growth strategies. They share best practices (and funny anecdotes) on a range of topics – everything from user boarding, feature adoption, and in-app engagement gets covered in their articles. Since they ditch dry monologues and inject humor into their content (you can even find a meme or two in some of their articles), learning with CommandBLOGUE doesn’t feel like a chore. It’s quite refreshing to be entertained especially on technical topics. 

What makes CommandBar’s blog particularly interesting is that they don’t just appeal to marketers. Startup founders, product owners, developers, sales guys, and even customer experience folks can find something of value. In fact, this blog is a great way to start or end your day, because laughter can go a long way in making even complex, and let’s face it, boring technical topics seem worth reading about. 


While not laser-focused on SaaS, MarketingProfs has a lot to say on the subject of marketing – and if you are a B2B SaaS marketer you can catch up on a lot of interesting content. Need to sharpen your targeting skills? They've got insights on B2B micro-targeting. Want to understand what resonates with B2B buyers? They unveil the selling styles that convert the best. Curious how B2B leaders are leveraging video for brand building? MarketingProfs has you covered there too.

Churning out resources since 2020 (that’s 24 years and counting!), MarketingProfs cares about educating their readers with practical, hands-on content. Appealing to everyone from small-business owners to some of the world’s largest enterprises, they have over 350,000 members, making them the largest group of marketing folks on the web – so there’s a lot of insider insights to be gained from their blog. 

Product Marketing Alliance

The Product Marketing Alliance (PMA) is a professional organization and a thriving community for product marketers. They offer resources such as certification courses, reports, and meetups to help product marketers advance their careers and also host a blog to educate product marketers, especially those who operate in the B2B space. Whether you’re trying to build a rock-solid GTM plan or narrow down the product adoption metrics to track or find out personalization tactics, there’s a lot to learn from the product marketer’s peer network.

PMI’s mission is simple (yet powerful) – to elevate the role of product marketing. With this in mind, their resources are designed to support those already in a product marketing role as well as those outside it – since product marketing is one of the most critical roles in a B2B organization. 

Leverage SaaS blogs to inspire action

So, whether you’re a seasoned SaaS marketer or just dipping your toes in the B2B space as a customer experience manager, this roundup of blogs provides a wealth of resources to keep you informed, inspired, and maybe even entertained. 

From HubSpot’s practical tactics to Content Marketing Institute’s strategic frameworks, there’s something for everyone. And if you need a laugh to lighten your busy workdays, CommandBLOGUE has you covered. With MarketingProfs’ general marketing insights and Product Marketing Alliance’s community focus, you’ll find everything you need to conquer B2B (at least theoretically) – one blog post at a time.

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