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A helping hand for a headless CMS: Contentstack <> CommandBar

Latest Update October 18, 2023

Who Is Contentstack?

Unless you’ve been under a rock, you’d know that Contentstack has redefined content management with their headless approach. In simple terms? It's like the backend of content management without being tied to a specific frontend. Super scalable, API-first, and it's been a hit with developers and marketers alike.

Contentstack Documentation Is Amazing

If you geek out on SaaS companies with fantastic documentation and help center resources, you’ve probably already got Contentstack in your “wow, they’re amazing” bucket. With an enormous bank of help content and tools to support their users, they’re a shining example of how to do customer support right.

How do you go from “great” to “even more great”? Meet the Contentstack Help Centre.

In-App Support

Before integrating HelpHub into Contentstack, if users needed help, they would need to venture out of their dashboard and into the resources section. The extra friction wasn’t ideal, though it wasn’t terrible either.

Setting up HelpHub inside the dashboard was a breeze. The team already had a great repo of support docs and help resources. They just piped it into HelpHub, and our AI does all the hard work from there.

What Can Contentstack Users Expect?

  • Semantic Search: Dive deep into Contentstack's vast knowledge pool. Whether you're looking for a quick guide or a detailed tutorial, our AI's got you.
  • Instant AI Answers: Got a burning question? Just ask! Our AI is trained to provide instant answers to frequently asked questions and almost anything else you can throw at it.
  • In-App Help: All this awesomeness is beautifully wrapped in-app right from the Contentstack dashboard, making it super easy for users to access.

Dive In and Explore:

From inside the Contentstack dashboard, look for the little help widget in the top right corner to fire up HelpHub.

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