1 minute read · Published July 25, 2023

Bridging analytics and experience: Heap + CommandBar

Latest Update October 18, 2023

Heap is an amazing product analytics tool. What’s better than a product analytics tool? A product analytics tool that drives in-product experiences. CommandBar + Heap is that.

What that means:

  • CommandBar —> Heap. Without writing any code, send CommandBar-generated data to Heap. So you can create segments based on users who’ve viewed specific experiences (for example, to A/B test the impact of a product tour). Or look at the pages that are generating the most deadends.
  • Heap —> CommandBar. Got user segments in Heap? You can now use those for targeting in CommandBar. And you can stack those segments with other conditions too. Like “VIP users (according to Heap) who have viewed this page at least 5 times”.

To try it out, head over to https://app.commandbar.com, oauth into Heap, and the bi-directional floodgates will open.

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