3 minute read · Published February 22, 2022

Welcoming Claire Harter

Latest Update November 15, 2023

How did you learn about CommandBar?

I learned about CommandBar when one of our founders, James, reached out to me cold on LinkedIn! He mentioned they were looking to make their first sales hire. I’d come across command palettes before and always found they make applications much easier to use. After meeting the rest of our awesome founding team and testing out our product for myself, joining seemed like a no-brainer.

Why did you decide to join the team?

Knowing that I’d have the opportunity to be our first sales hire was super exciting! Although I’ve been a part of other startups before, this is the first opportunity I’ve had to help truly define the sales process, build out our tooling infrastructure, and help to build out the rest of the sales org as we scale.

And of course, I see a ton of value in our product and think it should be everywhere, plus I was impressed with the strength of our founding team. I’m so excited and grateful to work alongside James, Richard, and Vinay!

What surprised you the most about working at CommandBar?

During my first week here, I had the chance to interview another candidate for our sales team! Talk about diving in quickly! :) I’ve also loved everyone’s excitement about working cross-functionally when it comes to improving our product and processes. For example, when the engineering team started a project to improve our new user onboarding flow, the entire company completed a walkthrough exercise to provide feedback on areas for improvement!

How did you get into tech sales?

I began my career in tech sales following my graduation from college and a stint in my school’s new venture program (after deciding my initial field of interest wasn’t for me after all). In addition to a newfound interest in the tech world, I also realized then that I loved working with people and making their jobs better and easier. I started as an SDR at a tech company in Seattle in 2018, and haven’t looked back since!

What are you most excited to do in your role?

I’m so excited to see our customer base grow, and to introduce CommandBar to as many end users as possible! I also have a love for mentoring new team members, and look forward to continued growth across the sales team.

Do you enjoy days out or are you more of a homebody?

Homebody, for sure! When I do leave my house, some of my favorite things to do are walk around the neighborhood, try out a new restaurant, or hang out with friends at their places. At home, I like to discover new TV shows, play board games (Ticket to Ride has been a new favorite), bake, read, and try out new local craft beers!

What are some hobbies you picked up?

I purchased a spin bike for my house when my gym initially closed, and started taking lots of long walks around the neighborhood! I also started eating a (mostly) vegetarian diet about a year ago, and have been on the hunt for the tastiest meat-free recipes ever since.

What are you looking forward to personally in the next few weeks?

I’m fortunate that some of the world’s best skiing is in my backyard here in Colorado, and I have a few trips planned to the mountains. I just went to Vail and Breckenridge, and Crested Butte is next. My boyfriend and I are also recent first-time homebuyers, and we’ve been working on getting our house move-in ready these past few weeks — we can’t wait!

Do you have any pets?

My boyfriend and I have a cat named Blake. He’s black with bright green eyes, and is the light of my life! I’m a total cat person. He’s about to turn five years old, and we adopted him 3 years ago from the Bellevue Humane Society back when we lived in Seattle.

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Pizza… I never seem to get sick of it (unfortunately)!

Where have you traveled to and where would you like to go?

I studied abroad in Paris back in college, so I was able to country hop a bit during my semester there. I visited Amsterdam, Munich, a few cities in Italy, and London. Next on my list are Australia and New Zealand!

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