2 minute read · Published August 8, 2021

Announcing our seed and exiting beta

Latest Update May 10, 2024

If you build software, you know users want the software they use to be easy (takes 5 minutes to learn), simple (doesn't need a manual), and fast to use (to keep up with their flow). Simple to say, but in practice, this is really hard to achieve all the time. Your product probably has a powerful interface, does several jobs, and serves several different personas.

We started CommandBar to help anyone building software make their products easy, simple, and fast for all their users. Today, we do this by allowing any web app to add a cmd+k interface, a magical mashup between a command line and a search bar – see what we mean by trying it out here: https://demo.commandbar.com.

Since starting CommandBar last year, we've worked with a wide range of product, engineering, and customer success leaders to deploy CommandBar to hundreds of thousands of end users.

To help us scale to more software and more end users, we're excited to announce that CommandBar has raised a $4.8M seed round, led by Thrive Capital. The round also includes participation from YC, BoxGroup, Worklife, and world-class angel investors: Naval Ravikant, Nikhil Basu Trivedi, Mike Smith, Jack Altman, Allison Pickens, Calvin French-Owen, Christian Reber, Deborah Quazzo, Chris Messina, Austen Allred, Eric Feldman, Josh Miller, and others.

Today, CommandBar is also exiting beta and is now available for public access.

Our end goal is to help humans explore and use software more effectively, closing the gap between intent (what you want software to do for you) and action (what it does). This funding will help us expand CommandBar to more customers, improve our product, grow our team, and embark on several ambitious projects we have in the works.

  • If this sounds like an exciting mission, we'd love for you to consider joining us on it. We’re building a team of people who are as excited about this as we are. You can see our open roles here.
  • If you're a software person and CommandBar sounds like something your users would love, let's talk!

We’d like to say a big thank you to all of our beta customers, who’ve given us heaps of incredible feedback, helped shape our product, and trusted us to serve their users.

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