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2 members from your team can configure commands.
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Everything in Starter, plus
Unlimited Editor seats
No limit on the number of team members who can create and edit commands.
Advanced style customization
Create multiple skins using more than 50 points of customization.
Remove "Powered by CommandBar" branding

Self-hosting options

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The building blocks of CommandBar. Each command represents a unique action in your bar.
Connect to your data sources
CommandBar connects to your existing data sources so you can make data searchable.
Editor seats
The Editor is the admin interface for CommandBar that lets your team add and change commands.
Help center integration + sync
Sync CommandBar with your help docs to make them easily accessible from inside your app. Plus they'll stay in sync automatically.
Analytics & Insights
Execution logs
Records what your users are doing in CommandBar.
Search logs ("Deadends")
Deadends are unsuccessful searches, and they can provide tons of insight into unmet user intent. Discover features ideas or command ideas from your users!
Up to 100/month
Export analytics
Send your analytics to a custom destination like Segment, Amplitude, Redshift, or Snowflake.
Custom skins
Light mode, dark mode, and more! Skins are appearances for your CommandBar. You can use them to match your apps' themes.
Remove "Powered by CommandBar" branding
By default, CommandBar includes subtle "Powered by CommandBar" branding in the footer of the bar.
Points of style customization
Fine-grained control over your skins lets you match CommandBar's appearance with your brand.
Version control
Version releases of CommandBar to make changes and add functionality while controlling exactly what your users see.
Self-hosting options
Deploy versions of CommandBar on your own schedule, or have CommandBar handle hosting.
User data control (silent mode)
Restrict the data that gets recorded to CommandBar to satisfy your security and data requirements.
Google SSO
Login with Google! Or use username/password.
To allow your organization to use your existing SSO infrastructure.
SOC 2 Type II certified
CommandBar is SOC 2 Type II certified. We went the extra mile to get certified for Security. Privacy, and Availability.
SOC 2 and other reports
For Pro Customers, we can provide our full SOC 2 report along with summaries of our penetration test results.
Priority support
We're here to help you succeed! Pro customers get priority and faster turnaround time.
Email + chat + Slack
If you want to add CommandBar to your app but are lacking dev resources, we can install it for you in a few days. Contact for more info.
Customer success
Every Pro customer gets a named Customer Success manager to help them get the most out of CommandBar.
Uptime SLAs available for Pro customers. Check out our track record at
Quarterly UX consults
Your CSM will check in regularly to help you understand how your CommandBar is being used and discover new opportunities to take advantage of CommandBar.
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What counts as a monthly active user (MAU)?
MAUs = the total number of unique users who log into your app in a given month. We won’t charge you for dormant users (users who have logged in previously but didn’t have activity in the past month).
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We're an early stage startup. Do we get a discount?
Yes! Startups founded in the past 2 years who have raised less than $5M in total are eligible for the CommandBar Startup Program, which gives you $2,500 in CommandBar credit to utilize over 2 years. Reach out to us via if you'd like to apply.
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Can I get help installing CommandBar in my app?
Yes! We provide support for all customers during installation. If you're an Enterprise customer, we also offer an installation service that will get you up and running with a production-ready CommandBar without any engineering cycles.
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We have a freemium model. Do free users count as MAUs?
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