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Use cases

One widget, many adoption stories

CommandBar can solve copious UX problems, but our customers typically adopt our product with one of the following goals.

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Flexible targeting

Use page-based rules, element-visible rules, conditions using user metadata from Segment, or event triggers to target the exact right people.

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Powerful analytics

Measure and iterate on search experiences with analytics about usage, failed searches, suggestions, and more.

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Easy customization

Fine-grained control over your bar's skin lets you match the appearance to your brand, for an experience that feels native.

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User-obsessed teams love Universal Search

Universal Search makes your app's features and content searchable in-app. This simple idea drives step-change improvement in UX, from new users to power users.

"Best-in-class, plug-and-play command panel for commands, search and more in our app. It’s easy to create commands with complex things like conditions, searchable aliases etc. without coding."

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Built to power user delight

Built to power user delight